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koma elektronik
bd101 analog gate/delay (white)

price : $379.00

bd101 analog gate/delay (black)

price : $379.00

new tabletop pedals made in germany. limited quantities are available at this introductory price.

the koma elektronik bd101 analog gate / delay is an innovative voltage controlled analog delay in combination with a fully adjustable wide frequency range gate. the bd101 is capable of providing bit crushing effects, resonant frequencies, fast shifts between heavy delayed and cranked up sounds and super short pulses, with whatever instrument you want to plug into it. with the on board infrared expression controller the user is able to override / control all the front panel controls by moving their hands or feet over it, which makes the pedal a versatile and powerful tool for use live or in the studio.

the bd101 can be used as a standalone pedal, but is also ready to be used in combination with other koma elektronik pedals and, for instance, a (modular) synthesizer through the 10-socket audio and cv patch bay. the on board infrared expression controller can also be used as a standalone feature. the cv and audio patch bay allows control of gate speed, gate amount, delay time, delay feedback and gives the possibility to synchronize the pedal with an external clock signal. it also gives the possibility to make an external effects loop which allows the user to send out the processed feedback signal, run it through other effects and feed it back into the pedal.

please note that that bd101 is not just another analog delay pedal. it's a monster with a signature sound, it can be noisy and has it's own will sometimes, but once you mastered the way to control the fury inside, it will amaze you.

additional features include:
slide controls for input gain and delay blend for more control while playing
on board infrared expression controller, can be used as a standalone cv feature
cv control for gate speed, gate amount, delay time and delay feedback
cv input for external clock signals and synchronization with other koma elektronik pedals
cv attenuators on the back of the pedal to fine-tune the cv inputs
send/return insert for external processing of bbd feedback signals
a wide frequency range gate / amplitude modulation; choose between high, mid and low
multiple gate shapes; ramp, pulse and sawtooth.

download the manual here.

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