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k6101: dual envelope

price : $329.00

K6101: Dual Envelope

dual envelope generator / oscillator inspired by phenol - 16hp

the two most often praised features of phenol are its filters and envelopes. with only three mode buttons and three controls per channel, it looks deceptively simple, yet under the hood exists one of the most unique and powerful envelope generators ever conceived. and it's not even an adsr! but don't let that put you off. the k6101 will soon win you over with its unique and quirky personality.

features and specifications:
eurorack (3u) form factor - 16hp width
dual envelope and lfo circuits based on those found in phenol
supports attack-hold-release, attack-release and oscillator modes of operation
oscillator mode supports either latched or momentary triggering
output can be normal, inverted, or absolute value (positive-going only)
flexible third control can adjust either output quantizing, gate delay, or musical quantizing of the output
output voltage range is either -5v to +5v or 0 to +5v
cv input jack allows the time or speed of the envelope / oscillator to be modulated up or down by a bi-polar voltage
dedicated manual gate control for each channel
settings of mode buttons are automatically stored / recalled from non-volatile memory
requires +12v (60ma), -12v (10ma) - 16 pin doepfer-style power cable used - approx. 0.9w total power consumption
designed and made in canada using high quality parts.
warranty: 1 year

download the users manual here.

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