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price : $999.00


analog filter tracker

is a true analog stereo filter with built-in step sequencer, a fantastic sounding digital fx chip, two lfos and envelope modulation.

everything is storable and controllable via midi.

you can play the moonwind like a synth by midi notes and play melodies on the filters if they whistle in self-resonant mode.

the sequencer is able to control cutoff, q and resonance per step and filter and thus turns the stereo filter with analog fed back effects into a creative instrument of its own.

this makes the moonwind an easy-to-use and awesome analog sounding engine that is playable like a synth and can be seamlessly integrated into a daw recording system.

two real analog low noise multimode filters
ota technology *
per filter q (narrowness) and resonance are separately adjustable **
per filter the shapes lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch are assignable
the filters are connectable among each other ***
per filter there is one lfo which controls the cutoff ****
per filter there is envelope amount, the envelope is created from the audio with an analog envelope follower
inputs are hi-z and can amplify guitar or bass signals directly

digital effects chip with 15 algorithms
analog fx feedback in order to create tape delays and wave guides
three parameters per fx algorithm
the effects programs include chorus, flanger, tremolo, reverb, delay and some more exiting programs
eight effects programs can be reloaded by os update later on
built-in noise generator

sequencer can record cutoff, q and res seperately per step and filter
maximum 64 steps per pattern
maximum 16 steps per bar (then max. 4 bars), bars can be dynamically set according to the number of steps per bar
clock divider can resolve max. 32th per bar
record/undo function to record filter trails by the rotary knobs
sequencer and lfos are midi clock synchronizeable
midi notes control the cutoff of the filters, ccs the rest of parameters

cutoff, q and resonance are made as classical potentiometers
stable metal axis potentiometers and encoders with axle bearings
2x24 character lcd display
os is updateable by midi

* operational transconductance amplifier, i.e. it is no transistor ladder (moog filter) as in the t-resonator. therefore excellent vibrational performance across the entire audio range from 10hz-30khz is provided.

** if resonance=0, then q=max creates an extremely narrow-banded filter without getting into self-resonance (sine wave oscillation). if resonance>0, then also q>0 has to be set to make the filter resonate.

*** stereo, parallel (both filters mixed to mono), serial (both filters in a line), feedback (a part of the output signal is cross-wise fed back into the other filter and vice-versa) and feedback parallel (the same as feedback, only that both sides are mixed together)

**** lfo waveforms are: sawtooth up, sawtooth down, triangle, sine, rectangle 50/50%, rectangle 12.5/87.5%, rectangle 25/75%, rectangle 75/25%, rectangle 87.5/12.5%.

download the manual here.

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