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mbase 11

price : $329.00

MBase 11

the mbase11 can do only one thing, but it does it right: phat kick drums!

and it does this even better than in the past.

the mbase11 is the logical follower of the mbase01 and offers even better performance, more versatility and an even phatter sound!

it generates analog bass drums, from extremely powerful to soft and covers the whole range from 909-style to 808-fashioned. and much more...the lfo has 8 different waveforms including true sine that can be used to create very different envelopes. the resulting sounds are not simply *kicks*...this turns out to be a bass drum *synthesizer*.

like the xbase 999/888, the mbase11 has a compression parameter to vary the thickness of decaying sound. offers a variable gate time to to create very different sounding attacks. also has a metalize parameter to have hundreds of variations on the attack noise.

for more intuitive editing, we have added an analog potentiometer that works alternatively to the parameter editing when scrolling the data wheel is too hard.

the mbase11 purposefully sounds a bit different to the xbase 999/888, making it a great sounding expansion for our other drum products and other analog percussion.

the kick sets in very precisely and the attack sounds very snappy at all kinds of sound variations.

the mbase11 can also be used as a real bass with some limitations. if decay is cranked up it is long enough for tones and the pitch can be played on the keyboard in semitones over three octaves.

the kick drum can be triggered by an external analog trigger input. this is especially useful for live drummers who want to thicken up their live drum kit. the trigger input works with regular piezo pickups or audio signals.

last but not least: one of the most convincing arguments for the mbase11 is the price: this is an inexpensive tool that helps you to create great kick sounds, without the timeconsuming searching accociated with mostly not satisfying samples. you save time and energy while reaching the sound quality you always imagined...

tweak the sound you need. everything is real.

bass drum
although the mbase11 uses almost the same principle or block schematic for analog sound production as the xbase999/888, the technology is different and results in a slightly different sound.

varies the pitch envelope of the vco

basses as low as 10hz reach up to 175hz

up to 2 sec

enrichment of harmonics of the vco - for the hardest kick drums on planet earth

change of the pure pulse part of the attack - gate time affects this parameter also

change of the pure noise part of the attack - gate time affects this parameter also

level of the mixing of pulse and attack

filters the bass drum with a low pass filter - for soft and 808ish kick drums

varies the gate time from 0.1ms to 16ms

compression of decaying envelope - for slim and clicky kicks and all the depth that is needed

metalized noise. a complex digital multitone pattern of 255 different combinations feeds the attack noise

the midi controllers of the mbase11 are identical to the xb09/x999/x888/ab/jb. all parameters including lfo can be remotely controlled by midi. the mbase11 is also compatible with our midi editors and templates in the bass drum department.

the mbase11 has an lfo that works on the pitch of the bass drum. the lfo speed can be edited in bpm or be syncronized by midi clock. as on the xb09/x999/x888/ab/jb, the lfo can be synced by a note trigger or might run free. another feature is: we have implemented a one-shot lfo function that serves as an additional envelope. the wave forms are: saw up, saw down, sine+/-, triangle+/- and rectangle+/-.

bass drum

110 (10 user ram, 100 flash)

sound engine
fully analog with storeable parameters


8 waveforms: saw +/-, sine +/-, tri +/-, rect +/-, modulates the pitch, midi syncroniseable

led 7-segment 3 digit

midi in, midi out

user interface
1 data wheel, 1 potentiometer, 5 buttons, 16 leds for parameters and functions

1 mono out ¼" rca jack

output level
about 0dbu

external analog trigger, sensivity adjustable

external wall wart 9v dc

about 0.5 kg / 1.1lbs.


download the users manual here.

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