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intellijel designs

price : $120.00


from danjel of intellijel: "this is a module i have wanted to put out for a long time and it is something i need and use all the time. i love being able to bring my skiff into the living room and plug in a pair of headphones to jam out. it also makes a very convenient line out interface for recording or amplifying your rig.

david dixon added his touch by designing the headphone amp circuit so it was capable of driving very low impedance studio quality headphones. we have tried it on some 30ohm beyerdynamic and sennheiser headphones and they sound very clear and loud."

6hp and skiff friendly
headphone amp capable of driving low impedence headphones via ¼"
stereo nuetrik jack
l and r -10dbv unbalanced line level outputs on trs ¼" neutrik jacks
switch for mono/stereo monitoring
left input normalled to right input
individual level attenuators and global stereo heaphone gain control
6pin header on back of module and ribbon cable for connecting directly to outputs of azimuth ii.

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