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μfold ii

price : $160.00

μFold II

introducing the μfold, a collaborated design with david g. dixon. the main features are as follows:

6 hp and skiff friendly.
fold control with a cv input and dedicated attenuator.
thru-zero symmetry control with a bipolar cv input and dedicated attenuator.
stages switch to select 2, 4 or 6 stages of folding.
trimmer on back to set the maximum drive amount in order to limit the range of the timbre shaping to a more subtle amount if needed.
dc coupled inputs so you can also feed cv to be folded.

intellijel looked very closely at how some of the most loved timbre shaping circuits worked in classic synth modules. not just in how they were implemented electronically but how they sounded and how efficient they were to get great sounds. it was important that their design was very versatile in range of timbres but still easy to use and with well thought out control ranges.

when combining the dixie, μvca, μfade and μfold you can achieve extremely complex palette of sounds with just a few modules!

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