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price : $599.00

dubmix aux expander

price : $220.00

dubmix mini expander

price : $70.00

introducing the dubmix, dubmix aux expander, and dubmix mini expander. this has been a long project and it is finally in production and should ship in a few weeks. we thought a lot about how a vc mixer would work in a modular synth context and haven really championed the idea of focusing on vc aux sends since this would allow for really complex and interesting automated mixing of fx and dub style sound manipulation.

we have tried to conserve size while not sacrificing the space needed for proper playability. this mixer is low noise, low bleed with clickless muting and fast clean vcas. all the inputs and summing busses have soft clipping to help get warm sounds if you really push the mixes. it has been amazing to hook tup fx to this, automate the panning and get totally dubbed out sounds!

4 inputs, each with 6db gain and soft clipping
vc pan for each input channel
vc aux send for each input channel (with pre and post switch)
illuminated clickless mute buttons for each channel (special circuit design by david dixon)
vc master level
vc master aux a send
stereo aux returns
dedicated output for sum of muted channels
stereo master output
4 stage vu meter with switches to select monitoring of aux a bus or mute bus.
soft clipping on all summed input and output busses.
header to connect master output via cable to ujack
3 pin header to chain other dubmix together (input and output)

dubmix aux expander:
22 hp
connects to dubmix via single ribbon cable
adds two extra vc aux sends for each of the 4 dubmix channel strips.
aux sends are all post fader.
clip leds to monitor aux bus out.
stereo aux return with stereo pot control

dubmix mini expander:
totally passive (no power needed)
connects via single ribbon cable to dubmix.
mini expander and aux expander can both be connected to the main module at the same time.
adds vc for the 4 channel inputs
direct outs plus a stereo return jacks allow you to configure your own aux send system using other vcas (like a linix module or uvca)

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