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Intellijel Designs


1U Series 1u series
4U Cases 4u cases
Atlantis atlantis
Audio Interface II audio interface ii
Azimuth II azimuth ii
Boombox boombox
Buff Mult buff mult
Cylonix Rainmaker cylonix rainmaker
Cylonic Shapeshifter cylonix shapeshifter
Dixie II dixie ii
Dixie II+ dixie ii+
Dixie CTRL dixie ctrl
Dr. Octature II dr. octature ii
Dual ADSR dual adsr
Dubmix dubmix (and expanders)
GS40A15-P1J gs40a15-p1j (40 watt ac-dc power supply)
Hub hub (with and without magnet)
Jelly Squasher jellysquasher
Korgasmatron II & Expander korgasmatron ii & expander
Linix linix
Metroplis metropolis
Mind Meld mind meld
Mult mult
Mutamix mutamix
Or or
PE-1 pe-1: power entry
Planar planar
Plog plog
Plonk plonk
Polaris polaris
Quad Inverter quad inverter
Quadra quadra and expander
Rubicon rubicon
Shifty shifty
Springray springray
Springray II springray ii
Tetrapad tetrapad
TPS30W tps30w: mini triple power supply
TPS80W tps80w: triple power supply
Triatt triatt
μfade μfade
μfold II μfold ii
μjack μjack
μMIDI μmidi
μmod II μmod ii
μscale II μscale ii
μstep μstep
μvca II μvca ii
μVCF II μvcf
Unity Mixer unity mixer
USB ISP usb isp
Analogue Haven