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price : $399.00


orbitals is an affordable 42hp eurorack analogue cv/gate step sequencer that offers a lot of useful features in a package that does not compromise on build quality. it can operate as two independent 8 step sequencers, each with their own controls, or can be seamlessly switched into 16 step mode and operate as a single 16 step sequencer. inspired by the linear step sequencers of the early modular years, it offers linear programmability and features like a transpose input for plugging a keyboard in and getting those "tangerine dream style" sequences by playing the sequence with a keyboard attached. orbitals offers some more interesting modern features as well, including bipolar cv output and voltage controlled step addressing modes. each sequencer can operate in six different modes! forward, reverse, pendulum, random, cv (clocked) and cv (not clocked).

easily switch between 2x8 step sequences to single 16 step sequence mode
bipolar cv output on/off switch
two modes of voltage controlled step addressing
forward, reverse, pendulum, random and voltage controlled modes
each sequence has a reverse control input
sequencer a transpose input for plugging a voltage source (ie: keyboard) into for classic style linear sequencing
each sequencer offers its own internal clock source, or you can use an external source
global gate length control (per sequence)
sequence length control (per sequence)
global reset button
reset input per sequence
run switch per sequence
run input per sequence
select the output voltage ranges with the jumpers on the back of the module

technical details:
42hp width
requires approximately +90ma, -20ma @ 12v
30mm deep eurorack module design is skiff friendly (55mm depth for diy kit)
~1v logic level inputs
0-5v step addressing
up to 10v cv/gate levels output selectable via jumpers on the back
internal clock adjustable up to low audio range (~100hz)

download the user manual here.

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