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price : $175.00


the es-6 is the counterpart to the es-3 lightpipe/cv interface, offering up to 8 channels of cv input with output via an optical lightpipe connection. the es-6 itself has 6 input sockets; the remaining 2 channels are provided by an expansion module e.g. the es-7.

please note that a connected es-3 is required for operation. the es-6 gets its clock signals from the es-3, which derives them from its lightpipe input.

panel width: 6hp
module depth: 52mm
sync input: connection from es-3 module
analogue inputs: 6x 3.5mm jacks, dc-coupled
input voltage range: ±10v
input impedance: effectively infinite (fet buffer)
digital output: optical, adat lightpipe standard
a/d conversion: 24 bit, 103db snr typical
expansion header for connecting expansion modules e.g. the es-7
current draw: 67ma on the +12v rail, 24ma on the -12v rail (91ma total)

the front panel is drilled for both doepfer and analogue systems mounting holes (using a 'slot' rather than a single round hole). the power connector is a doepfer standard 16 way idc, with -12v furthest from the top of the board.

note that connection to the es-3 is by a simple plug-in cable for the es-3 mk2 only. the original es-3 requires some soldering to add the required connections.

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