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reverb 2016

price : $1995.00

Eventide's Reverb 2016 recreates the legendary reverb algorithms of Eventide's SP2016; Stereo Room, Room Reverb and High Density Plate. Every aspect of the original effects has been duplicated including every detail of the user parameters.

While the algorithms are identical to the originals, the hardware implementation is state-of-the-art, with features that include a high performance 24 bit DSP, 24 bit analog audio I/O, digital I/O and MIDI interface.

The Reverb 2016 is built to reverb &endash; it's not a multi-effects box. It was designed from the perspective that reverb is used nearly always and warrants a dedicated box with an optimal user interface. The Reverb 2016 user interface is extremely easy-to-use, unbelievably cool and features dedicated controls for each of the effect's parameters. The controls and display are intuitive. The panel controls are optimized for the studio and for live performance. Up to 99 user presets can be stored.

While recreating the original reverbs is the Reverb 2016's raison d'etre, it also features brand new, enhanced versions of the originals. These "New" reverbs are not a breakthrough: they have the same basic structure of the originals but with more complex early reflections, higher density, and finer control of the parameters. The "New" reverbs represent the natural evolution of the development work that maxed out the array processing power of the SP2016.





Reverb 2016 Features

6 Reverb effects and a dedicated user interface

Recreates 3 original SP2016 reverb effects

Stereo Room

Room Reverb

High Density Plate

3 new enhanced versions of the originals

Fast top level UI (one knob - one job) optimized for studio and live performance

Stores up to 99 user defined presets

Digital input/output (S/PDIF)

Input kill switch, relay bypass switch

Dual function footswitch input

>98dB dynamic range

24 bit conversion

MIDI in & out

20 Hz - 20 kHz +/-1dB

Pro levels (+4 dB nominal) and connections (XLR and 1/4")

Balanced/unbalanced input selection via rear panel, push button switch

Universal internal power supply works anywhere

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