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erogenous tones

price : $319.00


vc8 is a high density vca module designed to give you a large number of vcas with cv level and offset control, along with optional vca controlled dual sub-mix capability.

8 channels of linear vca:
each channel has a cv level attenuator, full vca can be open at +5v.
each channel has a cv offset control that can add positive or negative amounts to the cv level value. when no cv level is applied, cv offset is used to open the vca.
white led indicates cv level after offset applied
based on lm13700 ota.

output sub-mix configuration can be engaged on 2 channels
channel 4 sub-mix engaged will receive vca channels 1-3 and be controlled by vca 4
channel 8 sub-mix engaged with receive vca channels 5-7 and be controlled by vca 8
channels 1,2,3,5,6,7 still provide straight through vca signal regardless of sub-mix setting

aluminum knobs with knurled edge for easy manipulation
18 hp
skiff friendly (very shallow)
power: +12v/-12v

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