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pico system iii

price : $549.00


pico system iii brings modular synthesis back to the basics - the system has multi functional (instead of single-function, like pico drums or pico trigger in the pico system ii) analogue modules and is intended to encourage creativity in modular patching.

the system has 31 inputs and 20 outputs (master output is duplicated) + 7 switches; if you have enough patch cables at your disposal, you can patch the system in 121000931215044250740178662400 or 1.21x1029 variations (we ignored the possibility to adjust potentiometers here). even though only 0,0001% of all patches will sound more-less enjoyable, you and all your future generations can spend a lifetime only patching the pico system iii.

voice-cards with preset patches set it apart from other eurorack systems - they allow user to change patches instantly and radically, which makes the system well suited for experimental live performances. the system comes with 5 great sounding "factory preset" voice-cards, and 5 diy voice-cards that are empty and users can develop their own patches. more voice-cards will be available from erica synths shop.

2-3-4 step sequencer
2x vcos
vco controller/vca module
several mixers that work both with cv and audio signals
modulator (syncable lfo, random cv and noise source)
2x voltage controlled asr envelope generators
2x resonant lowpass gates
bbd delay

technical specification:
audio signal levels: 10vptp
cv signal levels (full span): -5v - +5v
sequencer cv output range: 0 - +5v
vco tune range: c0 - e7
lfo rate: 0.21hz - 20hz
vc eg attack time: 0...3"
vc eg release time: 0...4.2"
max bbd delay time: 400ms
panel width: 42 hp
power consumption: 175ma@+12v, 112ma@-12v

download the manual here.

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