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fusion delay/flanger/vintage ensemble v2

price : $439.00

Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble v2

erica synths fusion delay/flanger/vintage ensemble module is distinct multifunctional analogue effects module that combines bbd chip based effects with an adjustable tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path for extra thickness of sound.

for more flexibility, lowpass filtering is fully adjustable from none to extreme. special feature, not found in eurorack, is vintage stereo ensemble - effect that's common on vintage synthesizers to create moving and thick spatial sound from a monaural tone generator, be it fm, dco or any other kind. such a spatial effect is achieved by mixing dry source with delayed and lowpass filtered out of phase signal.

2 bbd chips (1024 and 4096 stages)
delay and flanger effects
vintage ensemble stereo effect
tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path
dry/wet mixing
passive lowpass filter for extreme subbass sound

technical specifications:
audio input signal level: up to 20v ptp
max delay time short setting: 20ms
max delay time long setting: 200ms
lfo range: 0.1hz - 30hz
power supply: bipolar +-12v , eurorack standard and erica synths 6vac psu
power consumption: tube heater psu configuration: 35ma@+12v, 20ma@-12v, 300ma@6vac
eurorack psu configuration: 35ma@+12v, 170ma@-12v (nb - start-up power consuption for few seconds is +-250ma)
module width: 20hp
module depth: 35mm

download the manual here.

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