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duophonic midi-cv interface

price : $190.00

Duophonic MIDI-CV Interface

for ultimate precision we used linear technologies 16 bit dac, and included several features not found on midi-cv interfaces around - master tune and analogue glide potentiometers, exact emulation of two voice paraphonic synthesizers (arp odissey and polivoks, for example) behaviour, where the single gate is high, if any of two keys on the keyboard are pressed, as well as cv in for more versatility of vco control. mod out is easily programmable for modulation wheel or note velocity cvs.

master tune
analogue glide
2xcv out
2xgate out
mod wheel and note velocity cv out
2xcv inputs
1 voice/2voice switch
easy midi channel selection

cv out level: 0 - +5v
master tune range: 6 octaves
gate level: +5v
glide time: 0 - 2"
resolution: 16 bit
power consumption: 30ma@+12v, 25ma@-12v
module width: 8hp
module depth: 20mm

download the manual here.

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