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the great destroyer: eurorack

price : $150.00

The Great Destroyer: Eurorack

i've been aching to make synth music and modules for years, and now it's finally time!

tgd:e is an adaptation of our flagship pedal, with a lot of added functionality for the modular world.
in addition to the starve, gain, tone, and volume controls we have cv in for gain and tone, and a cv output, blasting varied signals from audio rate square waves to bursts of lfo.

as you would expect, tgd:e will fuzz up your signal like there's no tomorrow, and the old "unplug the lead" trick works just as well on the module as it does on the pedal, always a crowd pleaser. "wow that person has magic electric sound hands!"

only you and we will know the truth, you're a smart shopper with excellent taste in synthesizer modules.

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