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dr. scientist
the tremolessence

price : $250.00

The Tremolessence

here are the features of the new (and final!) version of the tremolessence:

9 - 18vdc operation
bulletproof reverse polarity protection
soft touch true bypass relay based switching
stereo input and output with separate audio paths
mono input stereo output operation possible too
stereo output choice of sync (unison tremolo) or pan (left then right tremolo)
expression control of rate and depth (works in stereo)
'hold' mode allows foot- switch to be used as momentary engage for effect with adjustable rise time
5mm led on/off indicator, 3mm led always on oscillator status indicator
huge range of rate
active treble control with ±15db of boost and cut
lots of volume available, can be used as clean boost/treble boost
pedal in 'hold' mode
square and triangle waveforms with widely adjustable symmetry/pulse width
analog signal path and oscillator with digital bypass switching
top mounted input/output/power jacks with side mounted expression jacks
new enclosure (125b) is approximately 5mm wider than previous version (increase is the width of a pencil)

download the manual here.

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