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a-100pb (with psu3)

price : $775.00

the "small brother" of the monster base a-100pmb is now available. the new case a-100pb is very similar to the a-100pmb but has only half the width (2 x 84 hp for installation of modules). the suitcase versions a-100p6 or a-100p9 can be positioned on top of the a-100pb because the width of the a-100pb is a bit more than the width of a-100p6/p9 and the footprint of the a-100pb is adapted to the depth of a-100p6/p9. a-100pb is equipped with one power supply (1200ma) and two bus boards. the bus boards are located in the rear area (even those for the modules that are mounted in the front row). this was necessary to take advantage of the full height of the front area for installation of a-100 modules. the max. depth for modules in the front row is ~70 mm. the outside dimensions in mm are about 510 (width) x 420 (depth) x 210 (height).

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