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a-113 subharmonic generator

price : $335.00

the doepfer a-113 module requires +5v power. when using it in a doepfer case, an a-100 ad5 +5v adaptor board is required.

module a-113 is a new sound source that derives from an incoming pulse signal four so-called subharmonics. the term subharmonics was introduced by oskar sala in connection with his so-called mixtur-trautonium. a subharmonic means in this context a sawtooth wave whose frequency is derived from a master frequency and the master frequency is an integer multiple in the range of 1...24 of the subharmonic - in other words: the master frequency is divided by an integer 1...24 to obtain the subharmonic. pay attention that the output waveform of a subharmonic is sawtooth (as also used in the original trautonium) and not sine. the term subharmonics is somewhat misleading. the master frequency comes e.g. from an a-110 or a-111 to the frequency input of the a-113. the frequency dividers of the 4 subharmonics is adjusted with up/down buttons as displayed with 2 character led displays. the subharmonics are available as single outputs and as mix output with adjustable levels for the subharmonics.

two gate type control inputs enable to select between 4 different mixtures, i.e. 4 different settings of the frequency dividers. in the original trautonium these are controlled by foot switches to switch between 3 mixtures while playing (the original trautonium has only 3 mixtures available but with the 2 gate inputs of the a-113 four different settings can be adressed).

additionally the a-113 features a mixture memory with 50 presets. each preset consists of 4 mixtures that can be selected with the gate inputs, each mixture contains the values of the 4 frequency dividers.

these additional trautonium modules are available: trautonium manual a-198 & the trautonium filter a-104.

inputs: master frequency (rectangle/pulse input), foot contr. 1 + 2 (gate 1+2)
outputs: 4 single outputs, 1 mixture output.

this module has a maximum current draw of 50ma + 100ma@+5v. it requires 26 te/hp worth of space to fit in a eurorack frame.

to view this module's user manual as a pdf file, please click here.

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