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ldb-2e: analog drums

price : $195.00

LDB-2E: Analog Drums

the ldb-2e "little drummer boy" analog drums eurorack module has eight drum voices in only 6hp!

the ldb-2e is an update to our popular ldb-1e module. it is only 2hp wider and now includes the the individual volume controls and output jacks of the old 6hp expansion module. the sounds are different too, so you don't have to sell your old module.

eight analog drum sounds
kick drum
low tom
high tom
wood block
rim shot
snare drum
closed hi-hat
open hi-hat

individual outputs and volume knobs for kick, snare, toms, and hi-hats
volume knob for wood block and rim shot
mix output jack.
drums are removed from the mix when a patch cord is plugged into an individual output jack.
eight voice polyphony
all drums can be played simultaneously
simultaneous open and closed hi-hat sounds like an accented closed hi-hat
connect it to any trigger, gate, envelope, or clock source
built-in gate to trigger converter
a trigger or gate signal of any shape or duty cycle will trigger the drums.
6 hp wide, 40mm deep (skiff friendly)
draws 28ma +12v, 20ma -12v, does not require 5v

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