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dave smith instruments
dsm02: character

price : $259.00

dave smith strikes again with a new offering for modular synthesizer users — the dsm02 character module. it’s a sound designer’s tool kit of five unique digital effects for shaping, twisting, and mangling sound in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. these effects, girth, air, decimate, hack, and drive form the character section of dsi’s acclaimed prophet 12 and pro 2 synthesizers and contribute to their distinctive tone in a big way.

“girth” provides low-frequency harmonic enhancement for adding weight and density.
“air” provides high-frequency harmonic enhancement for adding definition and presence.
“decimate” performs sample rate reduction for adding lo-fi grunge.
“hack” is a bit crusher capable of trashing an otherwise clean signal nearly beyond recognition.
“drive” adds overdrive and saturation, with warmth at one end of the knob and harmonic overload at the other.

plug it and play it
the dsm02 is a 14 hp eurorack-format module with interconnections made using 3.5 mm phone jacks. two independent audio inputs and two independent audio outputs with shared control allow mono or stereo operation. a 24-bit, 96 khz resolution digital signal path provides uncompromising signal fidelity.

inject some mojo into your system
if you’re looking to take your modular system into new sonic territory, the dsm02 may be just the ticket. it’s a fast and affordable way to inject your system with some serious mojo from two of the world’s most in-demand synths.

1 cv in – girth (3.5 mm jack) range: 0 to 10v
1 cv in – air (3.5 mm jack) range: 0 to 10v
1 cv in – decimate (3.5 mm jack) range: 0 to 10v
1 cv in – hack (3.5 mm jack) range: 0 to 10v
1 cv in – drive (3.5 mm jack) range: 0 to 10v
2 audio in (3.5 mm jack) +/-5v or 10v p-p
2 audio out (3.5 mm jack)

internal power connector (ribbon cable included)
power select: local 5v or system 5v (jumper included)
current draw at local 5v: +12v @ 150ma, -12v @ 20ma
current draw at system 5v: +12v @ 20ma, -12v @ 20ma, +5v @ 150ma

physical specs
2.79" w x 5.06" h (70.8 mm x 128.5 mm)
width: 14 hp
depth (measured from back of panel with power cable installed): 1.18? (30.1 mm)

mounting screws
ribbon cable for power connection
power jumper for selecting local or system power

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