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c105e vc noise / lo-fi machine

price : $220.00

the c105e vc noise / lo-fi machine is a voltage controlled analog sample rate reducer with an internal white noise generator and a voltage controlled high pass filter (12db/octave) with an independent output.

the c105e can be used in many different ways:
sample rate reducer
noise generator
voltage controlled high pass filter
random voltage generator
random trigger generator

the module is based on a sample and hold designed to work at audio rates. the internal clock can be cv controlled and it has two ranges of operation:
high : from 150hz up to 40khz
low : from 65hz to 0,2hz
this wide frequency range and two fm inputs ( one with a reversible attenuator ) allows to create subtle digital effects , really harsh lo-fi sounds and random signals. the noise generator and the internal s&h makes a perfect combination to create pitched noise, very useful to synthesize drums sounds , drones, sound effects etc.

c105 main characteristics
internal white noise generator.
cv controlled sampling frequency.
frequency range : 0.2hz to 40khz
voltage controlled 12db/oct high pass filter.

the lo-fi input is normalized to the internal noise generator.

the c105e voltage controlled noise / lo-fi machine is built using high quality electronic components, lumberg jacks, e-switch switches, cosmo knobs (the same used in the moog modulars) , black anodized aluminum front panel.

module format : eurorack
module width : 12 hp ( moog unit )
power : +12v@33ma , -12v@35ma
signal level : 10vpp ( +/- 5v )

download the user manual here.

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