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circuit abbey

price : $150.00


adsrjr expansion

price : $75.00

the adsrjr is an envelope generator with many features. standard gate input jack is normalled to the doepfer bus gate signal. three time ranges cover times from tiny to huge. linear or expo curves are jumper selectable. a cycle button creates continuous waves.

the expansion module brings out a metric boatload of features: cv control of each segment, trigger button and jack, buttons replace the linear/expo jumpers, end of attack, decay and release outputs, and an inverted output.

adsrjr features:
gate jack normalled to doepfer bus gate signal
time range selections: short, medium, long
linear or exponential curve jumper selectable for each segment
cycle button for continuous operation
convenient output jack
4hp, depth = 53mm

expansion features:
cv control of each segment
buttons for selecting linear or exponential curves
trigger button and input
end of attack, decay, and release outputs
inverted output jack
4hp, depth = 26mm

both modules are 4hp. the adsrjr module has a maximum 20ma current draw.

download the manual here.

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