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xr22 vco version 2

price : $310.00

XR VCO Version 2

the xr22 vco ft is a modified version of the previous model xr22 vco with a different manual frequency control. instead of the two ±2-octave switches and the two frequency knobs (ca 4-octave range), there are now two frequency knobs (ca 7-octave range) for coarse tuning and 2 fine tuning knobs. further, the 'low f' frequency range switch - which works for both fsk frequencies - is replaced by a 3-position shift switch with the settings 'lo' (for lfo/ tremolo applications), 'mid' (for bass sounds) and 'hi' (for normal/high frequency sounds).

am (amplitude modulation) input
ring modulation
cv controllable sine/triangle volume
advanced waveform generation with feedback

fsk (frequency shift keying)
pulse and ramp generation
switching between two different frequency cvs
advanced waveform generating

lfo-, bass-, high- mode
optional with banana or 3,5mm phone sockets

width: 12 hp
dimensions: 128,5 mm x 60,6 mm
depth: 35mm
current consumption: 70ma

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