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dredrum (gold; eurorack)

price : $135.00

handmade eurorack 8-bit 3-voice lo-fi percussion module:
3 voices
selectable 8-bit waveform for each voice (sine, square, saw, noise)
3rd voice switchable to click (only one waveform period)
infinite sound with decay pot turned fully to right for pseudodrones
audio processing 8-bit/15.625khz
avr isp for software upgrades

pitch envelope (sweep)
click switch for voice 3
trig button
voice selection buttons
waveform selection buttons
jumper to bypass output ac coupling capacitor resulting dc coupled output

5v trig input, 100k impedance

audio output (-2.5v – 2.5v ac coupled, 0v – 5v dc coupled)

10pin-16pin eurorack bus cable

module width: 10hp (50.5mm)

panel: 1.6mm

module safe depth: 20mm

power: eurorack +12v (30ma) or any 7-12v dc power supply (or battery!)

power connection: 10pin

on video is dredrum “original revision”, which is discontinued now. available is “revision 2?, with very little change on panel design and little more current draw (30ma).

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