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Analog: NoDigital: NoHybrid: NoSampler: No

Arpreggiator: NoSequencer: NoVocoder: NoFX: NoDrums: NoHD Recording: No

Polyphonic: NoMulti-Timbral: No


Module: YesKeyboard: NoRackmount: NoTabletop: No

Audio Demo: NoPDF Manual: No

buck modular

price : $270.00


the drumfuck is a 14hp 8 voice drum machine that takes in 8 gates to trigger the drum sounds. the drums include- bass drum, snare drum, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, rim shot, hand clap, crash cymbal & ride cymbal. don't expect the drumfuck to sound like a 909 or 808! its more of a lo-fi drum module that compliments other drums & rhythm machines. you can also tune (or more of a down-sample) 6 of the 8 drums, either manually with the tune knob or with cv. the output is summed to one single out with a volume pot for master volume. the master volume pot will add some saturation/distortion if turned up past 50% which adds some character & crunch to the sound.

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