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price : $250.00

the dual looping adsr is one of the more full featured modulators on the eurorack market today. the heart of the module are a pair of adsrs which are clones of the m-140 from roland's system 100 modular synthesizer and are widely regarded as some of the snappiest analog egs ever made. this means that the dladsr is perfect for percussive sounds as well as evolving pads and everything in between.

the envelopes themselves are transistor based, which we believe makes them much faster and more responsive than some of the other options out there. they are as close to the original roland designs as possible. other than swapping out the original transistors with those more readily available in the us, it is a straight clone of the original.

in addition to the 2 egs there are a pair of simple lfos. these act as clocks for the egs if there is no external gate input. and continue to act as free-running lfos when there is an external gate plugged in. there are square and triangle outputs for each lfo.

along with the gate input there is an inverted gate output. there are a lot of uses for this, like creating a back and forth sort of thing with one eg starting as the other is releasing. mostly we had an extra spot for a jack and this seemed like a good idea.

width: 16hp
depth: 40mm
draw: 70ma +12v 60ma -12v
lfo range: 15 sec - 200 hz

eg range
attack - 1.5ms - 4 seconds
decay - 4ms - 12 seconds
sustain - 0-10v
release - 4ms - 12 seconds

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