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price : $149.00


the diod filter is a faithful recreation of the classic steiner parker diode filter with modern inout and output buffers. this keeps the noise to a minimum while retaining everything that made this filter a classic. the diod is a unique sounding and versatile filter in a small 4hp package. from soft and smooth to brutal, noisy and chaotic, the diod's flexibility will make it at home in any size system.

this filter will track, but not as tight as the vcob and it will self-resonate; in fact at the upper reaches of the resonance it's pretty hard to control.

compact and quiet enough to chain several together for stereo filtering, adding more poles or creating a very resonant phaser.

the 2 cv inputs can be cv or audio.

width: 4hp
max depth: 20mm
power: 50ma@ +12v , 30ma@ -12v , 0ma@ +5v

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