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blue lantern
simple adsr

price : $89.00

depth: 1.5 inches
current: +18ma, -8ma

power format: doepfer compatible 12v headroom

what does this do?
this module is an envelope generator. it offers attack, decay, sustain, release, and a 'time' knob to alter the length of the stage or 'loop'. you use this module to control other modules, for example: vca's, vco's pitch, filter's. when in loop mode, the output is audible.

control knobs: attack, decay, sustain, release, time.

switches; linear or exponential mode. there is also a switch for normal one pass, gated mode, or loop mode. gated mode is like loop mode but it will only cycle with a gate signal patched up.

outputs: (3) simultaneous envelope outs.
inputs: (1) gate or trigger input, there is a passive thru jack for you to keep daisy chaining the gate patch to other envelope generator. yup i thought of everything.

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