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mr. fill gates

price : $200.00

mr fill gates is a compact, skiffable trigger sequencer which uses switches to allow you to turn steps on and off.

the module requires an external module to supply a clock signal. you normally use a vco or lfo for example. you can use a square wave or pulse wave. once you patch a clock source you will see the led's step in sequence, and the bottom led blink to the speed of the clock. initial setup is as follows: have all the switches in the up position. for the 16 step sequencer switches, up is 'off' and down is 'on'. if you wish to activate a gate signal, simple toggle down. operation is straight forward. the toggle switches on the left allow you to shorten the sequence by 12, 8, and 4 steps. the label on the panel refers to when the step will send a reset, so for example looping a 4 step sequence is labeled 'step 5'. you can also manually reset the sequence by using the push button. you can also patch into the 'reset' jack to automate the reset function by an external module. the 'thru' jack allows you to pass the patch cable to the next mr fill gates module for easy multi syncing of all your sequencer tracks.

you get two gate outputs. these outputs can be patched to envelope generators, bass drum modules like the asteroid bd v4, or directly to another module's cv input.

download the users manual here.

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