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dwarf star vcn

price : $158.00

tunable, random pulse generator made from cmos cd4000 family ic chips. best way to describe the sound is to use the classic arcade game 'defender' for reference. you can make some nice snare and chip core type percussive sounds.

cv input sources: cv direct input, fm direct input (has bigger range then cv input), linear cv input.

there is an on board 3 band eq, yup like the mixer consoles. it is setup for synth level signals. the noise generator is set to pass thru it also. so you get (1) raw noise out, and (1) eq noise out. to process one of your external vco's through the eq just plug it into the input jack to break the internal switch jack between the noise generator and the eq.

you can use this as a random clock signal also. there is an orange led to give you feedback on the pulse rate.

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