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blue lantern
accent asteroid bd 2016

price : $140.00

what does this do?
this module use the classic 'twin t' circuit to generate a sine wave for percussion and drum duties. this particular module has an additional accent circuit. the accent circuit allows for volume changes when two trigger sources are used. this module covers a good spectrum of possible classic drum sounds : 808, 909, gabber, wood blocks, etc.

there is a boost circuit to push the sine wave into a square wave shape.

tune knob, sweep (like a fine knob), tone knob (muffled or pop sound), decay knob, accent knob, and boost knob.

accent trigger input, trigger input, and bd output.

operation is straight forward. you patch a trigger signal into the trigger input and use the out jack to hear the drum sound. the toggle switch allows for long 808 style drums, middle position for shorter drums, and toggle right for shorter stuff. for default position sound exploring have the tune knob fully clockwise and sweep knob in the middle. then use the fine knob to fine tune the pitch. if you require a lower range then turn the tune knob a bit counter clockwise, and use the sweep knob to again fine tune.

when using the accent circuit, you will hear better results when the accent knob is middle position. if the accent knob is fully clockwise the effect is less noticeable.

analog percussion, bass drum
width: 4hp
depth: 1.5 inches
current: 12ma, -10ma

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