Analogue Haven
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accent asteroid bd 2016

asteroid mini synthesizer

asteroid operator vcf

big twerp vcf

cobalt smelter lab

cv arpeggiator v3

cv arpeggio module with expansion

diode operator station

duo njmvca

duo quantize

duo skew lfo

dwarf star vcn

dwarf star stereo delay

fm pro joystick v2

gate sequencer

hot rails pro

line level converter

lm4250 vcf

lunar modulation center

mini fm joystick v2

mini note computer

mini shimmery

mix 'em up

moon base adsr

mr. fill gates

noise, wave folder and gate to trigger

passive attenuator

pro duo vca

quad quantizer

red vco

shimmer generator

simple adsr

simple hexagon vca

simple vclfo

simple vco

sir mix alot

spacemoth vcf

subharmonics generator

tadpole sequencer and expansion

transistor pyramid core vco

tri core duo lfo

white lfo

Analogue Haven