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kijimi: 8-voice analogue synthesizer

price : $3,749.00

Kijimi: 8-Voice Analogue Synthesizer

8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer
fully analogue signal path
384 presets

voice architecture:
2x vcos with morphing waveforms
12db lp filter
eg2 adsr/trapezoid envelope with assignable destinations
eg1 adsr/trapezoid vca envelope
velocity and aftertouch controls with assignable destinations
2x lfos with ad envelopes

midi/mpe with polyphonic aftertouch
polyphonic pitchbend
midi over usb
256 factory and 128 user presets
alternate scales and tunings

128×64 oled display

dc input jack (24v)
external modulation input jack (¼")
expander jack (din5)
usb jack (type b, device)
midi in jack (din5)
midi thru jack (din5)
midi out jack (din5)
audio out (¼")

physical specifications:
19? 4u rack-mount
width: 483mm / 19?
height: 178mm / 7?
depth: 100mm / 3.9?
weight: ~ 3 kg / 6.6 lbs incl external psu brick.

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