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black cat
monster k-fuzz

price : $150.00

Monster K-Fuzz

the brainchild of vintage synth collector tom hughes, the monster k-fuzz module has been adapted and optimized specifically for use with modular synthesizers. there's a lot to consider in adapting a stompbox circuit design to be used in a modular synth format. we didn't want to just take a crappy dirt pedal, slap a panel on it and pass it off as a synth module.

an electric guitar with passive pickups produces a much different signal than a vco module, which can output signals well above line level. even after compensating for the differences in power requirements and signal levels, you still have two different types of signal - a fuzz or distortion circuit will react much differently to a static monophonic vco waveform than it will to a complex and dynamic signal coming from an electric guitar. so the circuit needs to be tailored specifically to the type of signal that's being processed.

in the context of modular synthesizers, the monster k-fuzz is a sound modification device that functions as a cross between a vcf and a wave shaper. the upper octave fuzz circuitry creates distinct overtones that traditional filters are not capable of. and even when fully overdriven, the monster k-fuzz sounds organic and warm - just what you'd expect from a great vintage fuzz - but designed specifically for modular synth.

variable controls for saturation and frequency
3-position selector switches for clipping and voicing
two separate voltage control inputs
durable metalphoto finish 6hp panel
premium quality through-hole components
hand-built in the usa

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