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price : $99.99

spa diy kit
user assembly required

price : $69.00

spa is an expander for the granular sampler module grandpa. it adds cv inputs for nearly all parameters and a clock input to trigger the grain shift. it doesn’t work without the grandpa eurorack module.

the voltage on the cv inputs is relatively added to the grandpa settings on both channels a and b. all cv inputs react only to positive voltages. the update rate of these cv inputs is 20 hz.

four cv inputs have attenuator knobs. these cv inputs are normalised to 5v so the knobs act as a signal source when nothing is connected to the cv input.

independent cv inputs for most parameters of the grandpa module
cv inputs with attenuators are normalised to 5v so the attenuators work as direct controls of the parameters for both channels a and b of the grandpa
cv inputs react only to positive voltages from 0-12v
grain size and shift speed cv inputs with attenuators
switch to select whether the other two cv inputs with attenuators control start / end or attack / release parameters
crush cv input
grain sync input to trigger grain shift

technical details:
ptc fuse and diode protected 10pin power connector
50mm deep
connects to grandpa with a ribbon cable on the back side
current +12: ?ma

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