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adm04: freqshift

price : $189.00

freqshift is a digital recreation of the analog frequency shifter modules of decades long gone. unlike the more common pitch shifter, which raises or lower the pitch of a sound by some ratio (such as an octave or a fifth), frequency shifters add a specific frequency ( 321hz, for example) to the signal and all of its harmonics. this alters the timbre of the sound in a manner unlike other familiar effects processors. freqshift replaces complex analog circuitry with calibration-free digital processing, delivering a frequency shifter in a compact, flexible, but economically priced eurorack module.

shift control goes from 1000hz down to 6000hz up, with a scaled section near the 12-o'clock point to enable easily adjusting the "sweet spot" small shift values.

regen control is bi-polar. clockwise feeds back up-shifted signal only, while anti-clockwise feeds back the down-shifted signal only.

mix control is bi-polar. clockwise mixes in both the up and down shift, while anti-clockwise mixes in only the knob's shift value.

cv control of all parameters.

8hp panel size.

skiff-friendly 20mm depth.

60ma current draw.

click here to download the manual.

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