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audible disease
thirty-three tt-1

price : $190.00

the thirty-three tt-1 from audible disease is a tribute to the famous buzz box. it gives you two octaves down plus ample distortion. this thing can really cough, spit, rip and howl at various settings. a must for any noisehead!!

the hvy knob controls the amount of octave. turning this knob all the way up saturates the processed sound with glitchy deep almost synth-like tones. the bzz knob controls the amount of distortion. the sw knob lets you dial in a suitable amount of treble. the thr knob controls the volume of the pedal.

operates with either a 9-volt battery or a standard 9-volt dc power adapter with a negative center barrel type tip. we recommend the visual sound 1 spot power adapter.

audio samples:
sound sample (poorly played guitar)
sound sample (noise loop)

download the instruction sheet here.

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