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brain seed

price : $229.00

Brain Seed

the brain seed is a realtime step recorder with many extras that packs as much fun and functionality as could be wedged behind a 4hp panel while keeping the interface as intuitive as possible!

record and playback up to 1000 steps
random voltage generator function
shift input to transpose sequences
automated recording via the reseed input
variable or fixed length modes
save function to keep your sequence on power down
optional 3-mode output quantizer function
freeze input and trigger output per step to create fun rhythmic variations
use as a digital s&h (no drift!), random generator, simple quantizer, note or modulation recorder, rhythm generator, or pseudo arpeggiator.
capture values from your keyboard (using a midi-cv interface), lfos, chaos generators, noise, envelopes, dc offset knobs, or resample other sequencers!

to view a complete breakout of all the functions of the brain seed, please read the quick start guide here.

here is a quick video example of a fun keyboard strumming patch that can created using the brain seed as the main component:

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