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aion modular
904b (voltage controlled high pass filter)

price : $299.00

the aion modular 904b high pass filter is an eurorack clone of the classic moog modular high pass filter. the 904b high pass filter attenuates frequencies below the fixed control voltage(cutoff frequency) point at a rate of 24db per octave. the cutoff frequency is voltage controlled through the three control inputs at the bottom of the module (1v per octave). the fixed controlled voltage knob adjustes frequency over 12 octaves span (1v per octave).

the frequency range switch sets the frequency band wich the fcv knob operates:
1- 4hz to 20khz
2- 10hz to 50khz

power: +12 60ma, -12 50ma
depth: 40mm
doepfer compatible.

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