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ADDAC System


ADDAC102 VC FM Radio (Version 2) addac102 vc fm radio
ADDAC111 Ultra .WAV Player / ADAC111B Ultra .WAV Player Expansion addac111 / addac111b
ADDAC200 Multiples addac200 multiples
ADDAC200B 2HP Buffered Multiples addac200b 2hp buffered multiples
ADDAC200PI 2HP Pedal Integrator addac200pi 2hp pedal integrator
ADDAC201 CV Inverter addac201 cv inverter
ADDAC202 Amplifiers addac202 amplifiers
ADDAC203 CV Mapping addac203 cv mapping
ADDAC204 VC Mapping addac204 vc mapping
ADDAC205 Dual Oscilloscope & AWG addac205 dual oscilloscope & awg
ADDAC206 Switching Sequencer addac206 switching sequencer
ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer addac207 intuitive quantizer
ADDAC208 Comparator & Rectifiers addac208 comparator & rectifiers
ADDAC209 VC Time Compensated Glide addac209 vc time compensated glide
ADDAC213A Eurorack Bridge addac213a eurorack bridge
ADDAC213B Eurorack Bridge addac213b eurorack bridge
ADDAC214 VC Rotator addac214 vc rotator
ADDAC221 10x9 Channel CV to CC MIDI System addac221 10x9 channel cv to cc midi system
ADDAC222 4x6 Voices 1V/Octave to MIDI Notes addac222 4x6 voices 1v/octave to midi notes
ADDAC301 Floor Control addac301 floor control
ADDAC301B Dual Expression pedal Attenuator addac301b dual expression pedal attenuator
ADDAC301C Dual Sustain Pedal Switcher addac301c dual sustain pedal switcher
ADDAC302 Nchunk Control addac302 nchunk control
ADDAC303 Muscle Sensing addac303 muscle sensing
ADDAC304 Manual Gates addac304 manual gates
ADDAC305 Manual Latches addac305 manual latches
ADDAC401 Gated Evnvelope Follower addac401 gated envelope follower
ADDAC402 4 Voice Heuristic Rhythm Generator addac402 4 voice heuristic rhythm generator
ADDAC501 Complex Random addac501 complex random
ADDAC501B Complex Random Expansion addac501b complex random expansion
ADDAC502 Lissakjous Curves addac502 lissajous curves
ADDAC503 Marble Physics addac503 marble physics
ADDAC601 VC Fixed Filterbank addac601 vc fixed filterbank
ADDAC602 Passive Ring Modulator addac602 passive ring modulator
ADDAC701 VC Oscillator addac701 vc oscillator
ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer addac703 discrete mixer
ADDAC705 Stinggy Filter addac705 stinggy filter
ADDAC709C EHX C9 VC Organ Machine addac709c ehx c9 vc organ machine
ADDAC800X High-End Outputs addac800x high-end outputs
ADDAC801 Simple Mixer addac801 simple mixer
ADDAC802 VCA Quintet Mixing Console addac802 vca quintet mixing console
ADDAC803 Quadraphonic Spatializer addac803 quadraphonic spatializer
ADDAC804 Audio Integrator addac804 audio integrator
ADDAC805 VX XFade / Panner addac805 vx xfade / panner
ADDAC806 Bluetooth Audio addac806 bluetooth audio
ADDAC810 Phono Pre-Amp addac810 phono pre-amp
ADDAC812A Led Audio Meter addac812a led audio meter
ADDAC812V Led Voltage Meter addac812v led voltage meter
ADDAC812VU Audio Meter addac812vu audio meter
ADDAC900B Bus Board addac900b bus board
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