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avalon bassline synthesizer
white with red leds

price : $1,049.00

Avalon Bassline Synthesizer: White with Red LEDs

avalon bassline synthesizer
white with green leds

price : $1,049.00

Avalon Bassline Synthesizer: White with Green LEDs

the avalon bassline is a high quality analog bassline synthesizer and sequencer. the core circuitry of the avalon is based on the revered roland tb-303 bassline synthesizer, to which a new layer of analog and digital circuitry has been added to position the avalon as the premier bassline synthesizer.

core analog and digital circuitry based on tb-303
incorporates layout and parts from the original bassline, including carbon film resistors, united chemi-con electrolytic capacitors, poly foil film capacitors, original ic's, and sanyo/on semi & mitsubishi transistors.

synth cartridge system™
compatible with the cartridge system in the form of filter plugin carts.

extensive analog control
in addition to the six analog controls of the original bassline, the avalon includes controls for sub osc/ext input level, filter tracking, accent decay time, vca decay (normal to full off), utility envelope attack & decay time, utility envelope to vfc and vca modulation depths, frequency response select (normal and full range.

extensive digital control
in addition to backwards compatibility with the tb-303 pattern write pitch & time modes the avalon incorporates new progamming modes making extensive use of (16) step led switches. patterns can be up to 64 steps in length (up to 4 sections x 16 steps) and each pattern can have numerous scales including triplet modes. real-time editing includes slide time select, utility envelope trigger mode, pattern step skipping, pattern reverse, rotate, random, & shuffle. there is also an arpeggiator that can be performed real-time or recorded directly into a pattern.

midi & din sync
sync source can be selected as internal, midi, or din sync, and the avalon sends both midi & din sync.

audio inputs & outputs
includes main & headphone outputs, saw and square outputs (±5v), external input, and filter and vca outputs.

cv inputs & outputs
includes cv & gate input and output, filter cv input, & accent sweep output.

download the manual here.

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