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wav recorder

price : $269.00

WAV Recorder

records high-fidelity, low-noise, stereo wav files onto microsd card.
up to 96khz, 24-bit stereo recording.
configurable to 96khz, 48khz, or 44.1khz; and 24-bit or 16-bit; and stereo or mono
accepts modular signal level or line level.
gain knob and led level meter allows you easily boost or cut any signal, from synths to smart phones, without clipping.
audio can be monitored without recording, so the wav recorder can also be used as a pre-amp for boosting line-level signals to modular level.
playback previous recordings or standard wav files on the microsd card
playback and record activated by button press, or a trigger jack
recording time and number of files are limited only by available space on card: typical cards can hold hundreds of hours of samples.
continuous recording feature automatically breaks long recordings (>6 hours, typically) into multiple 4gb files. with a large sd card (128gb), you can literally record continuously for 2 weeks without stopping!
connects to the listen modules for recording directly from the main output.
24-bit 96khz codec (dac and adc)
includes 16gb microsd card

6 hp eurorack format module
10-pin eurorack power header
0.98" (25mm) maximum depth with power cable

power consumption:
+12v rail: 112ma
-12v rail: 12ma
+5v rail: not used
connect red stripe of power cable towards the bottom of the module, which is marked with a white stripe and the words -12v and power

audio inputs
22vpp maximum

audio signal
signal-to-noise ratio (snr) of wav file:
(measurements taken from recordings made in typical eurorack case powered by row power 40)
-91.7db @ 16-bit, 44.1khz
-88.9db @ 24-bit, 96khz
playback frequency response (file : output jacks)
20hz - 20khz: +/-0.1db maximum

trigger input:
acceptable trigger voltage range: +2v to +12v

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