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tapographic delay

price : $415.00

Tapographic Delay

the tapographic delay is a complex multi-tap delay in the eurorack format with a unique interface designed for live performance. it excels at transforming the simplest audio (a drone, a percussive sound) into complex rhythmic structures, meshes of organic textures, lush harmonic mille-feuilles, liquid and resonant effects.

have you ever got tired of the monotonous repetitions that your standard delay pedal/module produced? have you ever wished for a more complex rhythmic structure than just decaying repetition? if yes, you have come to the right place: the tapographic delay is an advanced effect that lets you handle repetition in a completely novel way. it is to a traditional delay what a full rhythmic sequencer (with pattern recall, velocity control, tactile input) is to a simple clock. with the td, you interactively define the rhythm that the repetitions will follow: a velocity-sensitive sensor allows you to record, edit, modify, and sequence your own arrangements of delays. in a sense, the td is the converse of the classic frippertronics sound-on-sound setup popularized by robert fripp in the 70's: you don't play the guitar, you play the tape loop!

the tapographic delay is an expressive experimental instrument meant to be played in real-time, rather than a set-and-forget end-of-chain effect. interact with it! experiment! push it to its limits!

multi-tap audio delay line with advanced features
velocity-sensitive force sensor to tap the delay configurations (tapographies)
up to 32 taps, each with its own delay time, amplitude/filter and panning
low-pass filter or resonant (pingable) band-pass filter on each tap
morphing between delay configurations, with adjustable morph time
two different feedback paths: a repeat toggle and a feedback knob
save and recall up to 24 delay configurations (4 banks of 6 slots each)
tapography sequencer with forward, random walk or random directions
synchronization to an external clock, with clock divider/multiplier
gate output that plays the current rhythm of delays
maximum delay time of 174 seconds (almost 3 minutes)
16 bits/48khz with 32 bits floating-point internal processing, 1.3ms software latency
mono-in, stereo-out operation

18 hp eurorack format module
10-pin eurorack power header
0.98" (25mm) maximum depth with power cable

power consumption: +12v rail: 125ma, -12v rail: 32ma, +5v rail: not used
connect red stripe of power cable towards the bottom of the module, which is marked with a white stripe and the words -12v and power

audio inputs: 22vpp maximum

audio outputs
dry frequency response:
20hz - 5khz: +/-0.1db maximum @10khz: -2.3db
@20khz: -7.8db
soft-limiting limits output to maximum of 17vpp

trigger inputs:
acceptable trigger voltage range: +2v to +12v

trigger outputs (gate out):
+8v trigger pulse
4ms pulse width

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